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Our Story

Just over 35 years ago, carrying a smattering of luggage and rather empty pockets, a young hairdresser from the United Kingdom arrived in South Africa, harbouring an unparalleled determination to succeed in his chosen profession. Armed with his wife’s support (and the funds raised from selling her car!) and all his savings, Lewis Thomas took the first step towards realising his dream when he opened his first hairdressing salon in Cavendish Close, Cape Town, in 1984.


And so began the story of Partners Hair Design (PHD), which, from humble beginnings has grown exponentially over a period of nearly three decades, to become the established, highly successful business that it is today. Comprising of 14 unisex and 8 gents’ hairdressing salons strategically and conveniently located in all the major, up market shopping malls across the Western Cape, South Africa.