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These are some of the strangest times! Who would have every settled on the thought that we would find ourselves in this crazy situation they call “Lockdown”. I am sure that neither you nor I even considered the possibility that we would have to wait so long to tend our tresses! By now, like me, most of you have noticed the tell-tale fade that slowly creeps in overtime…

Your hair is just not the same vibrant, shiny mane it was just a few short weeks ago, or maybe you have noticed the tell- tale regrowth appearing, signaling that it’s time to see your favourite hair magician. We know this makes you sad, it makes us sad too. In fact, it has caused some sleepless nights for me. Fortunately some of the best ideas occur in the darkest hours.

We are pleased to introduce “TINT-ME TENDER”, an innovative idea to ensure that you look and feel your absolute best at a time when you probably need it most.

“TINT-ME TENDER” puts you in-touch with our celebrity stylists, Samantha and Lewis (our team will continue growing) who will assist you with a consultation and a personalized @home tint kit delivered to your door. WOW, that is innovation at it’s best. Included in the price (R690, I know right, it’s an absolute steal) is the following:

  • Personalized telephonic consultation with a member of the team

  • You personalized tint and activator

  • Tint bowl and brush

  • Towel

  • Gloves

  • Instruction video.

We are so excited to offer this service and look forward to hearing from you soon!

Email @ or

Ps. Some of our branches are open, grab your favourite shampoo or conditioner, you know you want too!